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karmee coffee. sydney since '99

coffee is our passion.

roasting, preparing, serving and of course drinking it.

karmee is a family business founded in 1999.

born and operated in artarmon, only a 5km stones throw from the sydney harbour bridge.

sara (mum) is the roaster with the years of knowledge, know-how and intuition in terms of coffee beans raw and roasted. how they will pair and blend to create perfection. she is our master roaster and considering when we started, she's a bit of a pioneer for women in coffee.

paul (dad) is mr. machine and logistics. from a friendly hello on the phone to in-depth tech knowledge for trouble shooting. his knack for mechanics allowed him to be our first machine technician and he still oversees our techs today.

pete (son) is our coffee intelligence guy. when it comes to brew recipes, barista training, workflow management, machine adjustment for flavour/extraction and anything in between, pete is your guy.

pete has extensive and ongoing experience working in hospitality and is passionate about drinking and delivering the best coffee.

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