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coffee sack recycling program - There's more to do with a hessian coffee sack than hold coffee beans. Our community members love coming past to grab a few bags to put to creative uses such as making pillows, ottomans and bags, laying them on their garden beds to increase moisture retention and of course having coffee sack races with the kids!

Reach out today to come past the roastery to grab a couple on the house.


community chaff - Chaff is a husky organic by-product of the coffee roasting process.

We collect our chaff and put it to good use through our community chaff program. This program allows members of our community to use our chaff to fertilise and moisturise their garden beds.

This is a highly in demand product that we offer free of charge.
Please reach out to us to check stock level and organise a pickup time.

hessian ottoman.jpeg
chaff coffee berry.jpg
hessian bag.jpg
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