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Bar Central is our Brazilian based blend.
Spiced, zingy & with a little extra kick.
Bar central is a syrupy spiced espresso and it punches through milk boldly. 

Tasting notes: caramel, pecan, plum & berries

Strength rating: 4/5
Best for: Milk Coffee, Espresso, Filter
Origins include: Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, India


Premium coffee beans, perfectly roasted to medium-dark.
Roasted & blended in Sydney.

Blending coffee is an artform.

Anyone can chop up tomatoes.

A chef's finesee is in bringing multiple ingredients together to create beautiful flavour harmonies.
We think you'll enjoy our art.

Bar Central

  • Espresso brew recipe:
    19g-22g ground Bar Central in a double basket.
    Extract 60mls in 28-32sec.
    Recommended water temp 93.5
    OR just chuck it in your fully automatic machine and enjoy!

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